Getting your app to Microsoft AppSource and going through the App validation process can become an overwhelming task if you are going through it for the first time or very rarely. We can help you prepare for it and accelerate the journey to AppSource by providing our readiness workshop.

If you notice that the process isn’t that clear or if you don’t have enough resources to dive deep into every aspect of the program, we can guide you through the App validation process requirements.

Let us walk you through each program requirement. You’ll also get recommendations and find the gaps that need to be filled before submitting your app for validation. As a result, you will have a Gap&Fit analysis document with recommendations on how to efficiently proceed with the App validation process. Don’t waste your time – trust the experts!

Why choose 英雄联盟竞猜抽注入口v8.8 安卓版 technical App validation readiness workshops?

  • Saves time – let the experts guide you through the whole process instead of figuring out everything by yourself.
  • Expertise – we have dedicated Quality Assurance experts working hard to provide quality insights for a variety of Dynamics 365 NAV and Business Central applications and help prepare them for certification like CfMD or app validation.
  • Experience – we have performed 50+ CfMD readiness assessments for ISVs and 50+ Microsoft “Ready to Go” program engagements as one of Microsoft ISVs dedicated for the program, and have guided Partners to successful app preparation for AppSource.

Technical App validation readiness workshops include:

  • App validation readiness report for easier validation process. It includes a description of all the required steps to get certified, including the recommendations and a checklist of requirements to submit your app.
  • Gap&Fit analysis which is a list of gaps found in your solution that do not meet the app validation requirements, it can be used as a base for the app validation project plan.
  • Library materials used during the workshop (presentation, Microsoft and 英雄联盟竞猜抽注入口v8.8 安卓版 guidelines).

Please contact your local 英雄联盟竞猜抽注入口v8.8 安卓版 office  or request a workshop to get started today!

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